Lee Reznor (lee_reznor) wrote,
Lee Reznor

My Remix Videos In Stereo On Myspace Including New Disturbed Remix

-click here to view my remix videos in stereo! -These videos are hosted on myspace, and are superior to youtube and photobucket vids due to the fact that the youtube videos are in mono sound, as opposed to stereo. -Also youtube only allows 10 minute movies, and photobucket only 5! However on myspace you can see some of the longer (around 12 minute) mixes in their entirety as one video! I think the audio quality sounds somewhat like stereo 44khz 96kbps on myspace vids, which is not quite the minimum 44khz 128bps for cd sound, but its pretty good, and far better than mono 44khz 64bps on youtube and photobucket. (actually 128bps doesn't often sound all that great for alot of more dynamic music, and 192bps should actually be considered industry standard. You might not hear the difference if you're using a small or inexpensive system though) At any rate, sorry for getting all technical on you guys there lol. Enjoy the vids. Enjoy
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