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My new Disturbed Audio AND Video Remix is done and on YouTube for you to view now!

This was my final project before returning to recording my own album. I felt very strongly about this song, and needed to make this considering todays messed up world.

If you would like to see my latest insane audio remix and video remix, view it here...

unfortunately youtube is in mono, so you wont hear the full sound at al, nor the dvd quality video, but you'll get the drift. if you want to hear it clear listen to www.theelectricfront.com radio later this week.

Here is the description from the youtube page.

"This is DJ Lee of industrial radio www.theelectricfront.com 's mix of Disturbed's track Land Of Confusion.

This was an insanely hard project. I loved the song when i was a kid, and couldn't believe my ears when I heard how well Disturbed covered it on their latest cd. It reminded me of how I felt when I hear Orgy's kickass cover of New Order's Blue Monday.

I felt that I wanted to give it some of the strong Phil Collins drumming, while keeping the strong disturbed guitar and vocals.

I literally took the guitar and vocals and drums apart in my studio. I also took apart the drums and moog synth from the original Genesis version, then mixed, mixed, mixed for days, adding elements here, little bits of my own instrumentation there.

I decided to end the song with an extended segment, with a Charlie Clouser mixing Rob Zombie type of feel to it! I think it turned out incredible.

The song has such a positive political message that I felt I HAD to make a video for it since the world is so messed up right now with fanatics.

I used elements of the original Genesis puppet video (classic), the Disturbed animated video of the song (which I felt was really good, but the lyrics and the timing of this cover demanded something more 'real' visually).

This song yells, "HEY WORLD WAKE UP, STOP IT!" I made a video that says just that.

This video is very political, very honest, very positive and unbiased.

You will see footage of great people, and villains. You will see the troublemakers of the modern world, spouting their dangerous messages, you will see wars, you will see lying leaders, you will see environmental, social and economic strife.

You will also see the great people that have attempted to change this planet. You will see the chance for the future. You will see the the great lives that we've lost, and need someone now to fill their shoes!

Where is today's Martin Luther King, or Mother Teresa, or Gandhi, or Bobby Kennedy? We need more people like them now more than ever.

I felt it my duty as a musician, remixer, and video engineer to try to make a change, in at least one person's heart. Maybe someone is teetering on the edge of trying to make the world a better place, or joining the parasitic extremist ideologies that are devouring humanity quickly.

Please watch what I have to say in the 1st credits when the song is ending.

You will be rewarded with additional video near the end that will make you laugh, and reminisce.

"Apathy is the breeding ground for extremism"
Your silence merely paves the fast and easy way for fanatics, murderers and hate-mongerers. Please help get the world back on track, or we wont have one at all!

The audio mixing took about 4 long days to do, and the video mixing took about 2 weeks!

There is no live video for Disturbed singing Land Of Confusion. I took footage from the 'Stupify' video and make it look like they were singing this song instead. There is a whole segment where it looks like the band is playing the song. Watch the drummer hit the symbols at the right time, and on beat, and the bassist slide his fingers down the fretboard as if he was playing the real notes. This was hard!

The editing of news clips and footage took forever as well. This is even harder consider I mixed elements of the tv news clips into the song itself. Not only that but each part of the song, corresponds with the video. If it is a positive part, so is the video, if it is negative, so is the video, if it is talking about liars or wars or whatever, the video is in sync! That took forever! Just watch! :)

Enjoy it everyone, go see Disturbed and check out my industrial radio station!

Disturbed rocks, thanks for making an amazing cover! Genesis rocks for writing and making such an incredible song with powerful lyrics in a decade where it was more about music without a message.

www.theelectricfront.com (DJ Lee's radio station)

Peace and Love (pass it on)
-DJ Lee ... "
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